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Freitag, 29.11.2019 21:00 Uhr

VNV Cristmas 2019 - Potsdam - SOLD OUT -

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VNV Cristmas 2019 - Potsdam - SOLD OUT -

Freitag, 29.11.2019 21:00 Uhr
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Eventart: Party
Eintritt: Jop


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* *  A U S V E R K A U F T  //  S O L D   O U T  * *

Einlass 20:00 // Beginn : 21:00

The VNV Christmas Parties is an idea that started in Hamburg some years ago. We wanted to do some fun, seasonal themed small shows in the weeks before Christmas, to have a chance to party together with our fans. The shows are usually small and sell out quickly so don't wait.

There'll be a full concert from VNV featuring well-known tracks, rarities, and more. At some of the concerts, there'll be after parties (we'll add this info in the coming weeks). We love it when people add to the party feeling at the shows by dressing up for a Christmas party.

VNV Nation and its partners are ardent supporters of a number of charities and we want to use the shows to help those who need help at that time of year. A portion of the profit from all the shows will go to the local branch of Die Tafeln and the Tier-Tafeln / Tierschutzvereinthese in the area or city where the concert is taking place.

More news in the coming weeks.
Eventart: Party
Eintritt: Jop

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